Basic Principles for Creating Printed and Advertising Materials

Communication employing consistent expression is essential for enhancing and maintaining the value of the JCB brand. Observing the application regulations and presenting logos and other design elements accordingly in every context will help to establish a unified image of JCB among customers and to create a strong JCB brand image.

VI (Logo) Application Regulations

When you are going to use a visual identity in a description of a product or service or in an advertisement, use it together with the brand message. Select the type of visual identity to use in accordance with the rules below.

JCB Emblem

The JCB Emblem is an important symbol for use in designating products and services associated with the Global Payment Brand* offered by JCB Co., Ltd. It is available for use by every company that shares these products and services.

Be careful not to give a false impression by introducing the JCB Emblem into the face design of cards intended for any use other than a credit payment function.

*Global Payment Brand: A global brand associated with products offering credit payment-related solutions

JCB Corporate Logo

The JCB Corporate Logo is a symbol that is used, in principle, to express the corporate activities of JCB Co., Ltd. Any other company wishing to use this design element must receive prior approval. Please inquire with your JCB representative.

*Products and services offered by the Global Payment Brand that fall into a category other than the Global Payment Brand category shall be designated by the JCB Corporate Logo.

Logo (VI) Application Regulations

JCB Brand Message

As a rule the brand message is used together with the JCB emblem and JCB corporate logo. However, if the size of the media is too small or if it is not appropriate to use the brand message (for example, for an acceptance mark, card design, or letter of apology), the JCB emblem and JCB corporate logo may be used alone.
If the JCB emblem and JCB corporate logo are going to be used alone in any other case, you must get approval first. Please contact the staff in charge.
Note that the brand message may not be used alone.

JCB Brand Message

JCB Brand Color

The JCB Brand Color may be used by any company associated with the JCB brand, especially for signage and advertising.

*We do not require corporations (business partner, acquirers, issuers, etc.) that pursue an independent brand strategy to display our JCB Brand Color.

Typeface Regulations

Select typefaces according to the regulations presented below when creating product and service logotypes and print, advertising and other such materials.

Recommended Typefaces

Recommended typefaces are typefaces whose use JCB Co., Ltd. recommends. Use the recommended typefaces when creating product and service logotypes and print, advertising and other such materials.

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