JCB Brand Color

The JCB Brand Color may be used by any company associated with the JCB brand, especially for signage and advertising.

We do not require corporations (business partner, acquirers, issuers, etc.) that pursue an independent brand strategy to display our JCB Brand Color.

JCB Brand Color

The JCB Brand Color is called JCB Blue. To reproduce JCB Blue, use the specified PANTONE color as standard. If it is not available, you may use an alternative color from among those specified below.

JCB Blue

*The numbers in parenthesis are indications for Color Finder products introduced by Toyo Ink in 2005. Please note that the numbers are different from those of the earlier TOYO94 Color Finder 1050 and that the colors have changed somewhat.

The colors displayed on this screen do not necessarily correspond to the PANTONE standard colors, Toyo Ink standard colors (CF) or colors in the DIC color guide (Dainippon Ink). Please refer to the latest version of each color guide (color sample book).

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