Typefaces: Recommended Typefaces

Recommended typefaces are typefaces whose use JCB Co., Ltd. recommends. Use the "UD Font" when creating print, advertising and other such materials. Be sure to use "Shin Go Bold" and "Univers 65 Bold", however, for the logotypes of products and services offered by JCB Co., Ltd.

  • *We do not require corporations (business partners, acquirers, issuers, etc.) that pursue an independent brand strategy to observe our typeface regulations.
  • *We do not require use of our regulation typefaces even for products or services offered by JCB Co., Ltd. when these are presented as original sub-brands or when the typefaces are used in advertising head copy or in logo designs for limited-time campaigns. (Since advance approval from JCB Co., Ltd. is required, however, we ask that you inquire with your JCB account executive.)
  • *Please also inquire with your JCB account executive in cases other than those mentioned above in which use of the recommended typefaces poses difficulties.

Recommended Typefaces

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